The Franciscan Child Day Care Center is one of the best things to ever happen to my family. The employees are rooted in Christian values and daily make a difference in bestowing to the children that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We’re talking about our children, so nothing carries greater magnitude. The result matters, but the journey in getting there is what is of the utmost importance. This, I feel most adamantly, occurs daily as my child is entrusted to these professionals’ care. When I was facing a major health issue last year, these caring people went above and beyond in caring for my son. They would even go out of their way to ensure my wife and I were alright during that challenging time. Now, a year later and a crisis diverted, I strongly give my highest possible recommendation for your child to attend the Franciscan Child Day Care Center.
— Vince Gibbons
Our son has attended FCDCC for almost 4 years. He learns so much every day, both academically and socially. All of the teachers are wonderful and so caring. Even teachers that never taught him know him and give him hugs when they see him. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful school for him to attend.
— Amanda
Franciscan Child Care has been an incredible experience for both of our children. The teachers are excellent with the kids and the Preschool program has been exemplary. We couldn’t be more pleased.
— Greenman Family
As a former daycare employee, and after a disappointing experience at another daycare, I was extremely picky about where my children would go next. After touring 8 facilities I found Franciscan and there was an opening for my two daughters. The center is spacious, clean, and bright. I love that fact that the teachers are experienced, professional, and loving. It was so difficult to go back to work after having my 2nd child but the teachers in the infant room seemed genuinely excited when I would drop her off and she would leap out of my arms to them. I highly recommend this center as the prices are reasonable, the kids’ activities are fun, and the teachers are very committed to ensuring the children have an incredible learning and playing experience.
— Sarah Ryan
We looked at several daycare centers before making our decision. FCDCC was our final stop. As we exited, we knew this was the place for our son. The teachers, children and overall feel of the center are what made our decision. The teachers made us feel comfortable and the children seemed very happy. Specifically, I remember touring the facility and the children in every room approached our 1 month old baby while keeping a safe distance. I was impressed with how happily disciplined the children were with babies.

I would highly recommend FCDCC to other families. We took our search very seriously. As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. You want to be able to drop off your child in the morning and know that they are in good hands when you go to work for the day. I am confident in the care that is provided to my son. He has learned so much during the almost two years we’ve been taking him. He has always been happy with the teachers in each room. Every care center goes through a normal amount of turnover. We have been lucky enough to have such great educators and care providers for our son.

Our son has definitely benefitted from attending FCDCC. His verbal and nonverbal skills have significantly improved with the help of his teachers. He has also gained social skills while being outside of the home. Overall, we have had an excellent experience and can’t wait to have more children that will attend in the future.
— Sara